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What is Delta Gamma?

As Delta Gamma's we are extremely proud of our involvement, scholarship and loyalty. We support each other in the highest and lowest of times and value authenticity. Our house is filled with diversity and we are proud of the vast interests and passions in Delta Gamma. During recruitment we are hoping to find sisters who don't necessarily share each and every one of our morals and values, but sisters who respect each other's. As a house we strive to learn from our sisters to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. 

Finding a Home

It is important to remember that recruitment is a mutual selection process that is ultimately about a Potential New Member finding the people that make them the proudest in their own skin. We want to encourage every Potential New Member to look at every house with an open mind and remember that each and every Butler sorority has something spectacular and unique to offer. Recruitment is about finding a home and wherever that may be is perfect.